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Ms. Contrarian Scientist

Having studied science in college and then gone to work as an engineer for a large corporation, Ms. Contrarian Scientist (MCS) woke up one day and said to herself, ”I wish I could believe in God. It would be such a relief to know that God is real and that He cares about me, that I’m not just some random accident of the universe. BUT—Science proves that God is not real and that evolution is the way we got here, and there is no need for a God, so in fact there is no God. Too bad.”*

Through the years, MCS has come to realize that she is not the only one who has ever doubted God’s existence, due to a reverence for Science. In fact, she bets that there are thousands, if not millions of folks out there who know that something is missing in their lives and they want to believe in God. But they are sad because they believe that Science as the ultimate truth kicks God out of the picture.

Furthermore, MCS bets there are thousands, if not millions, of God-believers out there who FEAR Science, who fear to look closely at Science because they worry that Science disproves God. And they cower when they hear others loudly denounce anyone who believes in God, because—SCIENCE!

Does Science rule out God?

The word “science” comes from a Latin word that means “knowledge.”

According to all the definitions, science is a methodical study of the natural world. The Scientific Method is a structured way of learning the truth about the world around us. So true science is a search for the truth, which is a great thing.

We don’t have to try to ‘protect God’ from science.

God himself is all about truth. And those of us who believe in God, or who are searching for God, should never fear the true truth. We don’t have to try to “protect God” from science, either. He’s a big God—he can handle it.

Ms. Contrarian Scientist

Now, practical science (or engineering) has brought us many wonderful things—such as iPads, longer lifespans, and no-iron shirts.

However, science, no matter how beneficial it has been and can be, is carried out by fallible human beings. Scientists, no matter how intelligent, are every bit as human as the rest of us. Any honest scientist, including MCS herself, will freely admit—at least in the middle of the night—that he or she is not perfect, the same as any other human being.

Scientists have every right to fight for their pet theories—that’s only natural. But if they can’t admit to mistakes or even downright falsifications, then they are not following the best practices of science.

Existing on a ‘higher plane’

Ms. Contrarian Scientists finds that scientists often fall back on a “scientific consensus,” which they consider their higher authority, similar to the way believers consider God their higher power.

Scientists use this scientific consensus in an effort to prove that, because they exist on a plane much higher than ordinary folks, and because so many other scientists agree with them, they must be right, even when the data doesn’t go their way, or when someone challenges them on their theories.

But voting on the truth is no way to find the truth, and it’s definitely NOT The Scientific Method. Science is a dialog, NOT a democracy.

Science is a dialog, NOT a democracy.

Here at ContrarianScience.com, Ms. Contrarian Scientist will cover the debate over whether humans are causing Earth’s climate to change catastrophically.

And she will cover the debate over whether the Universe was created by an Intelligent Designer, though that topic is also well-covered elsewhere.

Science is a DialogIn doing so, the primary goal of this site will be to demonstrate both the genius and the humanity of scientists—and the inhumanity of scientists who personally attack, withhold funding and otherwise persecute other scientists because they don’t want dissenting (Contrarian) voices to be heard.

Throughout the history of science the powerful have often used their power to destroy others.

Throughout the history of science—and Galileo is just one example—the powerful have often used their power to destroy others in order to maintain their power. Or, even more sinister, they harbor ulterior plans for which they need to steer public opinion through the use of “peer-reviewed scientific studies.” This is NOT science, it is politics and worse.

So the goal of ContrarianScience.com is to give the little guy, the lost sheep, the underdog—YOU, Gentle Readers—ammunition in this battle for truth that is taking place in your own mind and in the minds and hearts of the general public.

In order to do this, MCS will strive to demonstrate the weakness in “scientific studies” that are being used as weapons against ourselves, our religious beliefs, our homes and our businesses.

But she will also do this by showing the human side of science throughout history: The squabbles, the mistakes, the evil plots against outsiders who have dared to go against the “Consensus Science” of their day, and who ultimately were proven right in their predictions.

And so, we begin.

“Stay stubborn.” —Einstein to a young scientist who underwent much ridicule for his experimental results.

*Thankfully, MCS was mercifully united with the Word of God and Maker of all things, who died on a cross to set her free from sin and death.

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