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Ms. Contrarian Scientist
Ms. Contrarian Scientist

ContrarianScience.com covers news and opinions on alternative health and politically incorrect science and engineering topics out of the mainstream. Our Proprietress, Ms. Contrarian Scientist rants, er…I mean, covers a variety of politically incorrect subjects, including OOPARTS (“out-of-place artifacts”), world-wide myths and evidence for ancient technologies that don’t fit traditional timelines.

Ms. Contrarian Scientist also holds to the politically incorrect view that Earth’s climate always changes, and has done so through ages past, before modern human technology was ever conceived, and will continue to do so into the future, with no need for economy crippling CO2 taxes and coal plant regulations.

She also discusses alternative health and healing topics, including the deadly diet dictocrats who are killing modern Americans with their low-fat, high-carb commandments that actually CAUSE diabetes, heart disease and obesity, as well as government sponsored mandatory vaccines that often do more harm than help.

Science is a DialogWe also cover new discoveries supporting the theory of Intelligent Design (ID), which has been effectively eradicated from textbooks and classrooms, despite surveys showing a large percentage of people everywhere believe that God created the world.

Another banned and ridiculed topic, the theory that the universe is based on electricity, may explain astronomical evidence and predict experimental results better than conventional cosmology. And new sources of energy, such as Tesla’s free energy generator and the heavily ridiculed low-energy nuclear reactors (AKA cold fusion), are showing positive results in the lab; technologies such as these may revolutionize the future.

In fact, many contrarian views are beginning to overtake those of the mainstream scientific gatekeepers, due to their superior ability to explain evidence and predict results—following the time-honored, yet oft-ignored Scientific Method. At ContrarianScience.com we illuminate these hard-to-wrap-your-head-around subjects for the benefit of our gentle readers.

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